Help full Uninstall of PlayOn (or full reset of settings)

I am having some problems with recordings starting (all are failing) and I don't know why, but I have another PC that succeeds, so it is not a problem with the software on its own, or my accounts. 

I would like to uninstall PlayOn, and ALL its settings.  Right now when I uninstall/reinstall I am right back to where I was (which in most other situations would be a great feature!).

How do I uninstall EVERYTHING, including all settings so I can start from scratch?


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    Bill Sturdivant

    I'm having the same problem.  Did you ever get an answer?

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    I had been using a network storage location to save files to, but the password on the shared directory changed so it couldn't write to the network location.  I changed my recording location to a local drive and that fixed it.

    I never got any feedback on a full uninstall, all my attempts have left settings behind.

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    Tom Whiting

    Given the absolute disaster that this program is when it comes to settings, etc, it would be GREAT to have this ability. so far, no dice, at least officially

    Then again, given the mess that the development team is, yeah, it's not likely that we'll ever see that.

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