Usefull Recording Feature Request (especially for DirecTV Now Subscribers)

I got Playon to help with the mediocre DirecTV Now streaming cable service. There are 2 things that will make this pretty good for DTV Now subscribers.

1. Allow for pre-scheduled recordings (from an EPG).  This would be the ultimate.


2. At the moment, the only way to DVR something from a live stream is to open the Live DTV Now stream and click the record button then you adjust the recording duration.  This can only be done on the server (as far as adjusting the recording duration).  If i'm on my phone or Fire TV and attempt to record something, I think recording is a 5 hour duration by default.  

The mobile apps and streaming tv apps should have the recording duration feature also.  My server is upstairs and it makes it impractical for me to run upstairs and adjust the recording time.



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    I agree with both requests. The only reason why I got this service was because I thought it would be like TVO for internet streaming...   If I'm going to keep my subscription or even upgrade my account to pay for unlimited usage either the features you mentioned are going to need to be added to enjoy Directv Now or the python shell I'm working on to automate UI control is going to need to reliably record specific DirecTv Now channels at specified time and date. Either way, I have 30 days to figure that out or the features to be added before using their money back guarantee. 

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    Glen Stern

    I would like to suggest/request that PlayOn tackle the idea of being able to interface and read the DIRECTVNOW guide data they offer and then allow the creation of 'timed recordings'. I understand that this would be a challenge, but it is definitely doable and would be a huge new feature for customers.

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    Joseph Wiseman

    Chris, are you still with us, or did you give up?  I may have to move on as well, if we can't resolve this fundamental issue.  I will give it some time, but the money-back guarantee is looking better every day...

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    Dennis heim

    Any update on this? It would definitely be nice to be able to find stuff in the guide and record it.

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