Record errored shows.... or at least clear the error so that they can be added again more easily...

Hi There,

I am requesting that the current behaviour of playon be ammended. Currently, when a series of shows is added to the failed recordings list, there is no easy means to requeue the failed shows. Often this happens due to an auto-upgrade (which I wish playon would make user configurable), or just a simple internet down issue.

In order to add the failed recordings all again, I need to manually click on each show in the failed list or click on each show in the original channel again (since each episode is in an errored state and I cannot add a whole season that errored all at once).

My request is to not set an error flag in the original channel for each show (just leave it unflagged) or to allow an easy requeue of all shows with the same name in the failed recordings list... maybe both would be best, but I have the feeling that I would be asking for too much.




My example:

I set all seasons of Vampire Diaries to record on Netflix. Playon fails recordings during season 3 due to network issues and all episodes after the last complete recorded one are now in the recording failures list. Now, I am unable to go back to the Netflix channel and add all episodes of seasons 4-8 again with "record all" so I have to select and add each one by itself.

Even if I clear the failed recording list, I still have to select the failed recordings one at a time from the Netflix channel to add them again.



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    Michael Worley

    I deleted the database file [recording.db] under  %PROGRAMDATA%\MediaMall\Recording and was able to requeue en-mass by season but not everything that had failed. It's not much, but it is an improvement. I don't know if it will work if you're using the Playon server for sharing but since I don't, it was worth the risk. I'm looking for a way to actually edit the recording database currently but I suspect that's just going to be more difficult than clearing and re-queuing.

    It doesn't seem like it would be that difficult for PlayOn to add a button to clear the failed flag or add a re-queue button to modify the database but I'm not a database guy and I haven't coded anything in over twenty years.

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