I can not record the live Fox News channel in either the xfinity or the directv now. i have turned in several service requests but it still doesn't work.


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    Robert Brown

    As far as I know, PlayOn does not have the ability to record live streaming events. If you've browsed for a show on Netflix then you should understand the folder and file structure it is looking for. Live shows are generally not saved for playback later. You would have to have a true DVR setup.

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    I can't get Playon to record or play any Xfinity shows.

    It times out during the access to the show.

    I've tried changing video quality but that hasn't helped.

    I've submitted tickets for several releases of Playon, but it must be an insurmountable problem for them.

    Playon can no longer play or record the latest ABC shows as well if they have a "Verify to Watch" status, which most of the new shows have.

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