Amazon username password Error 2

In Settings, the Test says my username and password are correct.

But in the app, when I pull up the channel, it says they are incorrect.

I upgraded to the latest. tried stopping and starting the server, my computer, logging back into amazon thru the browser.

I'm running on an old windows 8 box.

Any ideas?


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    Michael Redmond

    I have the same problem, though I'm running a Windows 10 machine.

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    Same problem.  Playon said they are aware of it and they would let me know?   No solution.

    I can't get the playon app to login to my amazon.co.uk account. It keeps saying to go login and clear some extra security questions. When I login to amazon there are no extra security questions. Then I go back to the app and the block is still there. There must be a location on the app that's storing this incorrect info. How can I clear it?

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    Don Reynolds

    Same still happening for me. Contacted them. Have yet to hear back.

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