New laptop. Playon loaded. All recordings fail.

Hello! Just loaded Play on my new laptop. 2017 Dell Business Flagship Laptop PC AMD A10-8700P Quad Core Processor 12GB RAM 1TB HDD DVD-R W HDMI  AMD Radeon R6 Graphics MaxxAudio Bluetooth Windows 10-Silver. Checked minimum requirements and I meet all of them. Checked support and it appeared the firewall or virus protection might be blocking. Removed McAfee (don't like it anyway and wasn't planning on purchasing it when free session expired). Defender & Windows Firewall show both enabled and Playon as an exception and to allow. However, when observing the process to record, the show/movie starts and spins for about a minute and then fails. The clock that usually shows up to indicate how much is being recorded never begins. This occurs on Netflix and Hulu. Suggestions?


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    Anthony Brooks

    I think that PlayOn know they have problems but are not sure how to address them.

    When I try to access Amazon and other sites, I suffer horrendously from error 10 messages, and on the rare occasion it usually ends in failure to record (especially in a queue).

    I have sent them logs and was initially told they could not replicate the fault. Now I have an email saying that they have replicated the issues and will get their development team to work on them.

    Wondering if it's worth the money.


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    william deen

    Happy to say it is all working great now. 

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    john stites

    William, did you change any settings yourself or did this problem resolve on its own? Thanks.

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