PlayOn still crops image on CW; also NBC

As I noted in


PlayOn crops out the right-most and bottom-most part of the image, on CW. I have also now noticed this with NBC.

Does anyone/everyone else have this problem? (To check, record something, then go to cwtv.com or nbc.com, display the start of something. If the title is on center on the website, but not as recorded, it is cropping.)

I wonder if PlayOn's inability to record these channels without cropping is connected to PlayOn's 720p recording windows. Maybe these websites can't fully display on 720 line windows?

Incidentally: another problem with NBC: you cannot edit channel options (like closed captions - though they are at the bottom on NBC and would be cropped out, as per above) unless you use a paid provider, and login. But nbc.com no longer requires you to have a paid provider or login.  So it should be possible to edit channel options without them.


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    mitch grunes

    PlayOn support finally got back to me with something that worked on picture cropping

    "We are not aware of any cropping issues for NBC but we have seen this occur if your screen resolution or font size is set to something larger than 100% in Windows."

    I was already at the maximum resolution for my display, which is what Windows 7 recommends.

    But I was at a text size of 125%, which is also the Windows 7 default. The cropping problem went away when I set it down to 100%.

    They also said

    >For NBC, we do not have any options for captions - there isn't caption support for NBC in PlayOn. This is for users with a

    >cable provider and those without.

    Of course there is no reason for that - nbc.com lets you see closed captions - it's one of the on-screen icons.

    So, I still have PlayOn's "visible.mmt" in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\MediaMall" folder (which means the program comes on the screen (in a 720p size window) as it records), which was one of the earlier things they told me to try to fix cropping. When the program came on the screen, I clicked on the captions icon, and set it to display captions. The captions came on the screen, and they recorded!

    Obviously, that isn't ideal - I can't set a whole bunch of programs to record with captions like that - but it is progress!.


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