Improved Method for Mass Queuing via PlayLater

I'm specifically speaking to situations where there are dozens of episodes spanned across several seasons. X-Files is a great example. There are around 12 (or more) episodes across 8 or so seasons - That's a lot of clicking! I propose two methods for queing videos:

  1. Multi-Select Individual Episodes & Movies - Allows one to selectively choose which of the 12 recordings s/he wants. Maybe I only want 5 of the 12 episodes. Would be great if we could select the episodes then click a button (Queue/Add to Queue, Record etc) to get the job done. This should also apply to movies displayed in the many built-in lists or after performing a search for say 'Steven Seagal' for those die-hard fans. :)
  2. Quick-Queue Entire Seasons - Using the X-Files example above, it would be handy to single-click queue an entire season of a show instead of drilling down into each season. Even better if we could do the entire show so we don't have to select the seasons.


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    This might be similar to my topic on here of multiple file selection :P though those specific ideas added to it would also be interesting to have

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    PlayOn Support (Chris)

    This is already possible. Just like in Windows Explorer, you just hold CTRL while clicking videos to select more than one at a time. Then, click the Record button or use CTRL+R.

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