Recorded Video Association Mechanism

I've recorded several videos via PlayLater that have been successful, however PlayLater still shows them as being 'Incomplete' even though they are.  (They seem to be complete based on a cursory check; they play fine & I can skip right to the end/credits so it appears to be complete.)

I think it would be nice if we could manually associate 'failed'/'errored'/'incomplete' downloads with the real corresponding video.


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    I think you mean: even though they aren't. Also, that used to happen to me until I updated PlayLater and now it seems to work fine for the most part. 

    I do agree, though, that being able to manually associate the video with failed/error/or incomplete sounds like a good option to have.

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    PlayOn Support (Chris)

    This has actually been possible since PlayLater was released. You can right-click any recording and edit the status.

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