Create a channel for Ustream

Ustream has a lot of excellent content.  Request that PlayOn create a channel for Ustream. 

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    Bob Buechler

    Having just created a ustream plugin for NASA TV, I can tell you that is not terribly possible. That said, I now understand exactly what it would take to create a per-ustream plugin for any of their content you desire.

    The problem comes from the fact that their video code uses URLs that include the user account's ID number and not the name itself. So there's no way to build a script without first discovering the user's ID number. Easy to do manually, not something you can script without some kind of publicly-accessible API that would return user ID numbers that correspond with the usernames we see when we browse ustream.tv.

    For example, NASA TV's user id is 6540154, but all you see on their site is nasahdtv. Unless UStream starts using usernames (nasahdtv) in their video URLs instead of user id numbers (6540154), I'm not sure a site-wide channel will be very possible.

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