reorder recording queue

I have a TON of stuff in my recording queue, and I just found
out I could drag and drop them to change their order in the queue. HOWEVER,
I seem to be able to drag something only to the edge of the screen, drop it
there, scroll so that show is at the bottom of the screen again, and drag
and drop it up to the top. Again. And again.

To get even a single program to the TOP of a large cue can take FOREVER.

Suggestion: click on the number on the left and CHANGE that number. If I
click on item 26 and then type "2", it moves to the top of the queue (1
being the show that is recording at that moment).


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    PlayOn Support (Chris)

    Why do you want to be able to reorder the queue? If you have a lot of recordings you want to organize, the best thing to do is to organize them into folders. The My Recordings tab is primarily intended for deleting old recordings and checking on the status of new recordings.

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    Lawrence Ficek
    Because you might want to change the priority order in which your items are recording?
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