Preserve channel/plug-in sort order during upgrades



Between default PlayOn channels and plug-ins I have over 35 options to choose from.. (awesome btw) but how those channels show up on client devices (xbox, directv recievers, mobile devices) varies.  Last few upgrades have added new channels (awesome again) but it kills the channel order that I have and I have to go back one by one move up or down the channels in the order I want.  


I think this order should be maintained during upgrades (like most of the time it is).  Even if you add new channel i can't see how you can't maintained the order.


As a side note, to me it's actually a bug and should never happen as end user settings (if you are going to provide them), should always be preserved.  Imagine


  1. Having to reconfigure you directv or dishnetwork receivers (selecting a the same azimuth setting after you get an upgrade) or
  2. Reconfigure your netgear router with DHCP or ISP settings again after they provide a firmware upgrade
  3. I can go on and on but...

Please let me know if there are any questions


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    I think I asked about this before to PlayOn support and they mentioned that it really depends on the device itself to be able to keep that certain order, you can't override the software on the device to get it in a specific order. There is also the channel sort option under the channel tab on PlayOn which is their attempt at this I believe.

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    Aly Khemani

    Hi Evan,


    Thx for the info.. And yes it makes total sense.. On my XBOX 360, it does the ordering like it pleases and it's ok... It's alphabetized so somewhat logical.  On the phone or in a browser (m.playon.tv) the order is entirely dependent on how the order is setup on the playon, channel tab (sort button) and it's not always logical by default.


    At least in my case.  Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, HBO GO and Amazon VOD are the top 5 in my list as an example....  And that is what i was talking about (noticing that i should have been clearer on my original comment.. sorry about that..).  If I don't like that order, as an example and want to set it alphabetically like the sort button allows, then I have to move those channels one by one.


    Also, the order you see is maintained by Playon in the registry for how those things show up and I think (there is more than 1 way of doing this but) either maintained that order or clean up the sort form so sorting can be done easily.. Like,

    1. Selecting multiple channels or
    2. Default options like selecting alphabetically (asc, desc) and then folks can change , one or two channels after that.  
    3. And so on...

    Right now, it's the one by one moving of channels up and down the list of 35 channels that is really frustrating... Hope this makes sense... Thx

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    Ahhh, now I get your idea. Thanks

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