Re-Index My Media at selected intervals

I have a Buffalo media NAS on my local network, and the drive mapped to my PC as a local folder. I have that folder linked under the "My Media" tab in PlayOn settings. I am always able to access the content from "My Media" in the PlayOn menu from my PS3 or Android Google TV (PlayOn Android App), but whenever new content is downloaded to the NAS, the PlayOn server does not automatically re-index the content. I have to force a re-index by re-starting PlayOn from the PS3 PlayOn client settings, or through the Android App depending on which device I use to playback content with PlayOn, and this is a source of frustration and time wasted on waiting for the server to restart each time. It would really be helpful if there was a way to force PlayOn to automatically re-index "My Media" content at specified intervals that I could set (i.e., every 15 or 30 mins.)?

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    PlayOn Support (Chris)

    The index is updated automatically when you add/remove files. However, you will always have to restart the server to see changes you have made to your shared files--whether that's adding new content or deleting content.

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