Add option to switch video between devices.

Some cable/satellite providers mention the ability, provided by their set-top-boxes, to pause a video and continue watching in another room. I, for one, would find it very useful to be able to do this with PlayOn.  It would also allow a second video to start loading for a second device while one is already playing and then switch to that preloaded video without having to change devices.

Do you do any device-specific transcoding? That would make this more difficult to implement.


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    PlayOn Support (Chris)

    Every video has to be transcoded specifically for the device that requested it, so it is not feasible to stop a video on, lets say, a Roku player and pick-up the same video stream from an Xbox 360. This could always change in the future.

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    David S.

    Thank you for your response. I realize you may not be able to offer such a feature for all devices due to differing supported video/audio formats, but could it work for some? What's the highest H.264 Level you serve to a Chromecast device? Is it higher than what Roku and iOS support, which seem to be 4.1?

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