Add optional cable provider login for ABC, Fox, and Hulu.

Some network sites, or at least ABC and Fox, have new videos that require you to login with a cable or satellite provider to watch them. It seems to me that it might work the same way as the login for the cable channels, like ESPN and Food Network.

Hulu has a similar restriction with a subset of cable/satellite providers, but since it already has its own login, I can see how it might be more complex to add a second level login.

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    Darren Lyda

    Love this!  I just submitted the same thing through Support and they routed me to this Support Forum where I found this!  I have been looking to record the latest Sleepy Hollow from PlayLater and it hasn't been showing available in PlayLater.  So, I went to the Fox website and found that it is an 8-day wait to be able to watch the latest Fox episodes online, unless you sign in with your cable or satellite provider's login.  I did that and could watch the latest stuff, but the channel isn't set up that way in PlayOn/PlayLater yet.  But I see this feature request is showing as "Planned"!! So maybe in the next update??? :)  Thanks PlayOn Team!! :)

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