File Management for PlayOn Clients

For future development, will any of the PlayOn clients (Roku, Android, etc.) include file management capabilities?

It would be super handy to be able to delete PlayLater content after I've watched it either on the Roku or my mobile device. Right now, I have to access my PC and try to remember which content I've watched so I can delete those...especially with series recordings.

I love PlayOn and PlayLater!! Thanks for a great product. 


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    Bill Raper

    IMHO the priority would be (Roku/Firestick/Chromecast) (Game Consoles) (iOS, Android).

    The use case seems to be clear to those of us who want it, but for others it seems like we are not connecting, so let's discuss my use case.

    I use PlayOn on a dedicated PC.  Nothing else runs on this PC.

    I do not watch my PlayOn shows on this PC.  I watch my PlayOn shows from Roku or from iOS devices.

    After I have watched a show (especially a weekly TV show), I want to delete the recording, just like any other DVR type usage.

    To do this now, I have to remote-desktop into the dedicated PC, and <HOPE> that I don't make a mistake in remembering which shows we watched.

    It would be MUCH better if I could (on the same screen as "watch now") scroll down to an additional link titled "Delete Recording".

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    Playon really needs to offer this feature. It's been out here for a while now and I was surprised to find that I have to walk away from my Roku downstairs to my PC just to delete a recording.


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    Gregory Beitler

    I wanted this, so I wrote a collection of scheduled powershell scripts to do them. If you wish to check them out, they're here:


    How it basically works is at regular intervals they use Handle.exe to detect when a media file has been opened. If the owing process is something that indicates that it's being viewed (not recorded), like the mediamall service, it keeps track of that file and will consider it watched after a configurable amount of time (by default, 4 hours). After that time, it's automatically moved to a "watched" folder or moved to a "To Purge" folder that's regularly cleaned out automatically, depending on how you have that particular show configured. I tend to move episodic shows to Watched", while automatically marking content that's topical like talk shows, comedy news shows, etc directly for purging after they're watched.

    The advantage of this approach is that it's very flexible and while it plays nice with PlayOn, it also works with any program you use to watch media. Since the handle for the media gets marked as opened regardless of what client application you use, it works the same if you use mobile, an Xbox, a FireTV, or whatever. The disadvantage is if you want a pretty UI and don't like scripts running willy nilly on your desktop, you might not like this approach much.

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