DVR skip ahead

When I watch live TV I use the pause button when commercials start.  I then find something else to do for 20 minutes while the DVR feature stores the feed.  The 10 sec skip ahead is great, but how about a 30 sec skip ahead and maybe a 4 minutes skip ahead as most channels have at least 4 minute commercial interruptions.




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    David S.

    If you record the show before watching, then you can usually use the Adskipper feature. What platform(s) are you asking for these features on anyway?

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    I watch CNBC each morning and pause it for 15 minutes.  When I playback, a 30 second skip ahead is easier than trying to guess and set the forward time.  I do record with AdSkip but I watch CNBC live.  The player already has 10 second skip back and 10 second skip ahead, just want a 30 second skip ahead added.

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