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As we all know, there are usually several open issues associated with playon and the channels for play and record. Unfortunately, for the customer, the current list of issues is NOT at all up to date. It would be extremely helpful if this list was kept up to date. This is a constant issue, and by no means an exaggeration.  As of today 5/31/2018 Crackle recording is not listed as an issue. It has been at issue for weeks... and yet it is not on the "known issues" list. 

This really does need to be addressed. I have been a customer for years and use playon every single day. I am aware of many issues at any given time that are never ever listed. 

I DO understand that "channels' are ever changing and evolving. Playon must keep up with those changes, or sometimes remove channels permanently (such as TCM and others for example) because of this. 

We all could avoid requesting repeatedly the same issue if someone would only list that issue in the know issue list! Of course... the list sometimes would be very lengthy. Maybe obfuscation is the reason it is not updated regularly. I see items for over a year (Xfinity, etc) and nothing like the immediate and for several weeks Crackle issue? Makes no sense to me at all.

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    Maybe Crackle is cracking down on the ability to record it's content from within apps like Playon. Any and all content providers could pull the rug right from under Playon at any time. NBC apparently changed all links to the NBC Classic content, and apparently Playon pulled the NBC Classics channel.

    I don't know if anyone uses Plex, but anyone that does probably has figured out the 30 second advance feature isn't there, at least not on my Roku app. That may have something to do with its Live DVR. DISH ended up having to cripple its DVR's ad-skipping functionality after the Disney, CBS and Fox lawsuits.

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