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I upgraded to the latest 4.5.16 and now I am getting the adobe flash plug in warnings and can not get around them.  I open chrome watch something from my cable provider.  I open IE watching something from my provider.  Play something trough PlayOn with the same provider and I get the adobe prompt and can not get past it.  No recordings no watching nothing. 

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    Leo Maguire

    Not sure why I had to do this again but this fixed my issue.


    1. Go to https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/ then select the Windows version you are running and select “Flashplayer xx for Opera and Chromium” (where xx is the highest number) then install. Now try to record the video again via PlayOn. You should still see the Video Player pop up from step 5 (we have not removed it yet). Does the video show? If so, it should now work go on to the “Clean Up” step. If not, try step 7.
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