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Good Afternoon Support,

Could you please consider making the process to download programs from PlayOn Cloud easier? I often record an entire season or multiple seasons for a single show. To download those episodes I have to open an email for every one, click on a link which opens another tab in my browser. Then click on a link in that tab to download the file. Then I have to close the open tab and repeat this process for every episode in the series. 
Couldn't you provide a better interface to our cloud storage than multipart emails for each and every episode? If you do need to send an email for each one, how about just putting the download link in that email and not forcing another page with the download link to spawn? Better yet, how about an option to save to a cloud based storage like DropBox or Google Drive?
And finally, managing cloud storage is not easy either. I would like to bulk delete episodes from the cloud once I download them locally but the app doesn't offer an easy way to do that. Each file has to be done separately. Please fix these things. I love the service, it's just so cumbersome to use as it is.

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    Rique Santiestevan

    Pretty much everything you've requested is supported if you pay for their cloud storage. I resisted it for a long time, but now that I have it, I have to admit its very useful.

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