TV Everywhere Support?

Have you guys thought about becoming a DVR system for TV Everywhere logins? Channels (getchannels.com) recently implemented such a feature with support for cable channel logins and streaming services like YoutubeTV, Hulu Live, and Sony Playstation Vue. Basically letting you record the live stream from each providers live web stream, like a DVR normally does for cable and over the air feeds.

Of course that would mean providing some kind of live guide to schedule the upcoming live stream.

Just an idea.

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    Channels allows you to log in to Philo too. Almost all channels depending on the scheduler. It is great. 

    It would also be great if playon had a built in app for OTA tuner.


    Playon - mic check - test test - you out there? Sorry. Just do not see a lot of activity from the devs.


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