so many channels out there, so few on PlayOn.

There are so many channels out in the universe---but PlayOn doesn't add more than one or two a year.  This disappoints me.  Does it disappoint others?


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    gj maas


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    I was going to refer people but they do not get much compared to others. I hope they focus more on desktop(there original customers) and content and keep their heads out of the cloud. 

    TV Everywhere would be nice.

    OTA Tuner antenna support would be great. For me this is a bonus since I would keep my data lower. Data caps suck plus you get the content as it airs and not the next day. And with TVE and OTA together you could supplement it withe the likes of Philo($20 a month) and still record the freebies like CW and other OTA. 

    Android and Roku GUI enhancements. The current solution just sucks and is limited. I would rather it be like Netflix or Hulu. Even Vudu and other free content providers are better. 

    I wish we still had the add-ons like we used too.


    I like TV Everywhere but I wonder about the legality of it all and small companies.

    Fitzy was not too small.

    SiliconDust is fairly big.



    After the last few days I expected to see Playon TV in one of these news reports.

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