PlayOn Desktop crops the picture on record.

I have recently noticed that on my Windows 7 PC, PlayOn Desktop crops the picture on record (but not if I Play directly from the Internet). I don't know if the problem is new, or if I have just never noticed it.

A good test case is "Blonde and Blonder" under Tubi, because the studio name appears on the screen about 20 seconds from the start, centered. When recorded, the studio name is partially cut off.

Could some of you run the same test case on your PCs?
Have any of you found another way to fix it?

I have been trying to resolve the question with PlayOn tech support. They had me make sure that my control panel screen resolution was set to default (1920*1080p, the maximum size my TV/monitor supports), and that my text size was set to 100% (the smallest setting). That doesn't fix the problem.

They had me place a visible.mmt that they sent me in C:\Program Files (x86)\MediaMall. (If you don't have a 64 bit CPU, the folder would be C:\Program Files\MediaMall). That does fix it. But, while PlayOn records, it displays the picture, without sound, on a borderless window on the screen - not always a desirable feature, because it covers part of the screen.

Is it just something messed up on my PC, or it is true for everyone? Is it just under Windows 7?


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