Any update on getting Roku fixed?

I was just wondering if there is any info / update on Roku?  I haven't been able to record from it for over a week...  Usually, you guys have a fix within a day or so!  I was just wondering if I should cancel one of my Premium Subscriptions.



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    David S.

    Have you submitted a support request? If not, the developers may not even be aware of the problem.

    I rarely use the PlayOn channel for Roku myself (I use Plex instead) and hardly ever have used it to schedule a recording. When not at my PC, I use the web-app on my phone, it's URL is the (local) ip address of your PC with the port number 54479, e.g. "".

    Also, while this may seem obvious to some people, have you tried opening PlayOn Settings on your PC and restarting the PlayOn server?

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