Capability to add new Recordings to the New Recordings Notification area

I use the Notification area as a note on what I have not watched. Occasionally I accidentally delete a New Recording notification before I have watched it and would be real convenient if I could add the notification back into this area. Was hoping it would be easy to add an option when one right clicks on a new recording to add this recording back to the Notification Area. The options on the right click now are "Open recording location, Play, Cast to device,,,"


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    David S.

    It's not necessary that you use PlayOn as your only media server for recorded videos. I recommend you try out the Plex and Emby media servers since they have the additional features you're looking for. (You can use MCEBuddy to remove the ads marked by Adskipper.) I and many other people use Plex and PlayOn together.

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    Chris Hodgetts

    I use Apple TV.. 
    My 'Play On Folder' is 'Automatically add to iTunes' and then it just adds new content to my iTunes library and with home sharing, I can watch it on any laptop, or phone or any apple TV. 

    I hardly ever interact with Playon except to add new subscriptions or record new content, but still would love to see my 'Cast to Playon' option made, then I would hardly ever need to interact with it.. 

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