4:3 support: Record the same ratio as the content.

When recording 4:3 content, PlayOn adds black bars to the left and right of the content and bakes that black bar information into the 720p recordings. It also serves those black bars over transcoding streams. If the underlying content is 480P, PlayOn should record that as 480P and not inflate the videos with useless black bars. There is a lot of content (especially old TV shows) which is presented in 4:3. PlayOn should record that in 4:3 and let the media player decide if black bars are needed depending on our screen setup. I watch my old TV on an old TV, and there's nothing worse to look at than the TV show surrounded by black bars on ALL sides, with just a square inside showing the content. If you preserved the 4:3 aspect, it would fill my 4:3 screen and it wouldn't look worse on a widescreen either as the bars would be added by the player.. It serves no purpose to bake the bars into the recording, it only makes for a worse experience for everyone (larger video files for 16:9 screens and terrible windowboxing for 4:3 screens).


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