Record Source Frame Rate: Basically Add 24/25 PAL/60fps Recording Support Christopher Cote 3 comments 5 votes Planned
Auto-delete specific recorded shows on PlayLater Devin Self 1 comment 2 votes Planned
Enable Roku to have channel without having to link to your computer Suzie Housley 0 comments 0 votes Planned
Add optional cable provider login for ABC, Fox, and Hulu. David S. 1 comment 6 votes Planned
Support High Definition Netflix streams Eric Hansen 2 comments 16 votes Planned
Method of Queuing w/o Remoting into Server (e.g.: via http or mobile app) Julius G. Perkins, IV 0 comments 5 votes Planned
Ability to Schedule/Delay Downloads for Off-Peak Hours Lynette Hampton 21 comments 50 votes Planned
Season Pass like all DVRs Brian Varbel 1 comment 22 votes Planned
Preserve channel/plug-in sort order during upgrades Aly Khemani 3 comments 2 votes Planned
Timed recordings Cowboy77 1 comment 6 votes Planned
Recording to folders Steve Murphy 14 comments 30 votes Planned
auto-recording Steve Murphy 17 comments 62 votes Planned