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Add 1080p and Surround Sound (Dolby Digital 5.1) Support Mike Barylski 38 comments 37 votes None
Renaming files Cowboy77 23 comments 9 votes Completed
Ability to Schedule/Delay Downloads for Off-Peak Hours Lynette Hampton 21 comments 50 votes Planned
Britbox Erick Larson 19 comments 9 votes None Ben Sycamore 19 comments 23 votes None
Channel Request: Philo Patrick Richards 18 comments 21 votes None
Boomerang wally schwarz 18 comments 15 votes None
please add Sling TV to PlayOn. mark moberg 18 comments 24 votes None
New channel request: Disney+ Rebecca Blanchard 17 comments 29 votes None
auto-recording Steve Murphy 17 comments 62 votes Planned
Please add a client delete button! cfastner 14 comments 13 votes None
Recording to folders Steve Murphy 14 comments 30 votes Planned
Philo TV david1952000 13 comments 14 votes None
Sort subscriptions Vince Lally 12 comments 14 votes None
DVR Suggestion - Set Live Recording Time Richard Footitt 11 comments 14 votes None
Option to remove the personal info water mark from the head and tail of the video file (IP, Name, and E-mail) Christopher Cote 11 comments 5 votes None
will there be a PlayLater channel for Directv NOW? bill theis 11 comments 11 votes None
Plug In Suggestion - VRV Thepublicdan424 10 comments 16 votes None
Disney+ Forrest Cooper 9 comments 16 votes None
Please add Hallmark's new Movies Now streaming service Larry Horowitz 9 comments 3 votes None
Please add CraveTV as channel rob mausser 9 comments 7 votes None
Manually enter PlayOn server IP into Roku Bob Hanna 9 comments 1 vote Not planned
NFL Game Rewind Condensed Games Jon Southworth 9 comments 9 votes None
amazon vod watch list Chris Porosky 9 comments 6 votes Completed
Add Canadian Channels (CraveTV, Amazon Prime Videos Canada, The Movie Network) Colleen Fontaine 8 comments 4 votes None
Add Channel Walter Anthony 8 comments 8 votes None
FilmStruck Andrew Van sant 8 comments 8 votes None
More info about failed recordings and add the ability to re-queue all failed recordings Raina Johnson 8 comments 19 votes None
Please add a Playstation Vue channel. David S. 8 comments 9 votes None
Playon as a Synology Package Application Ian Hobson 8 comments 8 votes Not planned