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Pureflix Victor Barnett 7 comments 1 vote None
Add Chanel PureFlix Michael Kling 2 comments 1 vote None
New Configuration Request (Visible.mmt) Warren Hoar 3 comments 3 votes None
Adding Freevee to playon L Esca 0 comments 1 vote None
4:3 support: Record the same ratio as the content. Joel Erickson 0 comments 1 vote None
Mass Restart Button Brian Michaud 6 comments 8 votes None
WOW Presents Plus Clayton King 0 comments 0 votes None
Please consider adding Frndly to the Desktop and Cloud apps Jason Wilder 3 comments 4 votes None
Boomerang wally schwarz 18 comments 14 votes None
More info about failed recordings and add the ability to re-queue all failed recordings Raina Johnson 8 comments 19 votes None
New Channels-USA, IMDB, FreeForm, Hallmark channels, DirectTV, TBS, TNT, Frndly, Boomerang Tracy Roberts 6 comments 5 votes None
PlayOn (Desktop) Enhancement Suggestion file format: "netflixmovietitle (YYYY).mp4" MG 7 comments 12 votes None
Pleae add Philo and acknowledge PlayOn actually sees these threads Angela Bauer 2 comments 2 votes None
Custom recording outside a channel (ability to record user specified url/div) from Playon Desktop Ey Noni Mus 2 comments 3 votes None
Kanopy channel Glenn Ray Hyder 2 comments 4 votes None
Alternative Audio Language for HBO Nordic PlayOnLP3 0 comments 1 vote None
[Feature Request] Can we please have the option for a multi record queue? Jenna Saunders 0 comments 1 vote None
Please keep the release notes web page current Pellmd 1 comment 2 votes None
OSN STREAM bader alharbi 0 comments 0 votes None
Comedy Central jin merritt 1 comment 1 vote None
new channel suggestion: Shudder D Dombrowski 1 comment 1 vote None
Plug In Suggestion - VRV Thepublicdan424 10 comments 16 votes None
Britbox Erick Larson 19 comments 9 votes None
Be able to select the audio language per recording Jonathan Mathieu 0 comments 1 vote None
Add a section where you can enter your credentials to streaming sites of your choice Otto Teja 0 comments 0 votes None
Australian Cactch Up Ma 1 comment 1 vote None
1080p quality with same FPS Noah Callan 1 comment 4 votes None
Channel request: Boomerang Teeko 7 comments 6 votes None
Capability to add new Recordings to the New Recordings Notification area Lloyd Young 2 comments 0 votes None
Add Apple TV+ Johnny Swindle 3 comments 12 votes None