Enabling Closed Captions for Hulu, Netflix and other channels


PlayOn records the videos as they play in a browser. Unfortunately, in most cases, it's not possible to enable captions.

The notable exceptions are Netflix and Hulu.

 To enable or disable closed captioning on your recordings, follow these instructions:

  • log into your Netflix or Hulu account in a computer browser or in the Netflix/Hulu app on any device
  • start watching a video and turn captions on or off
  • let the video play for at least 6 minutes.

This will become the new playback preference for your account and will carry over to your recordings. This setting will remain until the same steps are taken to change. 

It's not as easy to enable/disable closed captioning for other channels, but we do have a utility you  can use for some.

  1. Download the attached visible.mmt file and move to the C:\Program Files (x86)\MediaMall folder (C:\Program Files\MediaMall on 32 bit PCs)
  2. Stop and Start the PlayOn server via PlayOn Settings
  3. Record, cast or stream a video from the desired channel

You'll see a 'video player' window pop up on your desktop.  This shows the video as it is being processed by PlayOn.  Enable captions/subtitles in that window and PlayOn will record or stream with captions/subtitles.


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