I see some of the channels require a cable provider. I cut cable and don't have cable provider credentials – what can PlayOn do for me?


While some of the channels included with PlayOn do require a cable provider to get access to the most recent full episodes, most do not require any kind of subscription at all.

If there are specific shows that are not available free online (or that you don't want to wait for), consider purchasing individual TV passes from services like Amazon VOD. You can purchase full seasons of 3-4 shows for about the same as just one month of cable...and use PlayOn to stream to any device or record and watch offline.

And, speaking of recording, PlayOn brings some of the conveniences of cable to cord-cutters & streamers. Miss your DVR? PlayOn's got you covered. Use PlayOn to record your favorites shows automatically as they become available online...to watch anywhere, anytime. And, with our AdSkip feature, you can watch your recordings completely ad-free!


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