Where are my recordings stored and what format are they in? Can I only watch recordings on my PC?


PlayOn records videos to your PC's hard drive and the recordings are in mp4 format. That means you can watch those recordings anytime anywhere. Want to transfer a recording to a mobile device to take with you? Check. Want to stream a recording to your TV? No problem! The PlayOn DVR is all about flexibility. Recordings stay on your hard drive until you delete them. You can transfer recordings to a device for offline playback or stream over your home network. It's DVR untethered.


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    Nicole Arendt

    Can I transfer my downloads onto a DVD? I do not have a DVR.

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    Don Donadio

    I've looked all over the website and cannot find in what directory the downloaded software is.

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    David B Dukes

    On PlayOn Desktop for Windows, open Settings. Under the General tab, at the bottom, in the Video Recording section, is the location. You can change it if you wish.

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