More info about failed recordings and add the ability to re-queue all failed recordings

 I know there are variations on this theme that have been requested before, but I think it is worth bringing it up again.

1.  I'd love to see more info on why a recording failed right next to the recording that failed.  A quick blurb would be enough to help determine whether to re-queue a title or just cancel it altogether.

Cannot connect to channel - for those times when the streaming channel is down or their service is being rebooted, etc.

Error authenticating user - any type of security error when connecting to the channel. 

Content no longer available - the channel's server is up and running, you are able to log in if the channel requires some form of authentication, but the title is no longer available on that channel.  In this case, you know you can just cancel the failed recording and not try again.

I'm sure there are plenty of other scenarios you might be able to cover, and you most likely have better wording too.  But basically, this gives a quick visual cue on whether you need to just restart the Playon server/reboot your computer, skip any requeuing because the show is gone, or open a ticket because there may be an issue with the channel.


2. To extend this further, it would be really nice to be able to re-add all failed recordings to the queue again without having to click on title, click on try again, wait, click on title, click on try again, wait, etc.  When there is only 1 or 2 titles, this isn't terrible, but with a large queue of titles that may have failed because the channel's server rebooted overnight or lost it's connection...

In many cases, a quick restart of the Playon Server, and a click on "re-queue all failed recordings" would make the process much more streamlined and user friendly. :)




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    James Wolff

    Hello,  I agreed with both - they would be very useful and save time.

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    If, for some reason, the network goes down during recording, all queued recordings fail and there is no way to tell Playon to retry recording all failed recordings when the network comes back up. Please fix this deficiency in recovery.

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    Nathan Revo

    Agreed.  I had to reboot my router today but didn't think to pause my PlayOn Queue.  Now I have 118 failed recordings across 5 different shows.  Ugh, clicking re-try on each one is a pain!  


    I agree, if the recording stops because of a network failure, don't slush through the whole queue.

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    agreed, I complain about his often to my SO

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    I'll chime in and add my desire to see a "retry all" button/option, similar to what there is available for TV seasons. It takes a while to build a large queue and when a bunch of videos fail all at once it could take hours to click on each one individually and retry them again.

    This would be incredibly useful and save boatloads of time. Thanks!


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    Graham Openshaw

    Plus one

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    Donald Roach

    This is Seriously overdue...

    Especially since the "record all" button on the season, won't re-que...

    I am constantly spending hours re-queing because of unstable utility power, and unstable isp service...

    Just being able to find the Failed que, and the record que in the system files, so I could copy and paste, would be helpfull....

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    Donn Lasher

    Totally agree.. internet was down for a few hours, and having to re-queue them all by hand is painful.

    Better than a "retry all" button - how about a settings option to "retry failed recordings after ?? minutes" or "retry ?? times"

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