Playon API for the technically inclined

This isn't really a feature or channel request, but didn't really have a great place to add this.

Is there any developer API available for the PlayOn Client/UI or the PlayOn Server/Service? 

There are lots of things that I would love to try in more of a scripted/batch mode (some of which are posts for feature requests):

  • batch requeuing failed recordings
  • batch retrigger check subscription for all subscriptions (or even a subset)
  • periodic checks for failed authentication and retry logic to reconnect (or in a worst case scenario, quiesce the queue and restart the playon server, reconnect to channels, and quiesce the queue.)
  • search across channels
  • flag subscriptions that have not had new content for over a certain period of time (i.e. something to tell me that a subscription may no longer be valid above and beyond a red dot for a failed subscription check).
  • Automate the process to rematch a subscription to an updated path in the channel's content hierarchy.
  • Automate a process to truly subscribe to a show, regardless of what channel it is on and what those channel's content hierarchies are (i.e. removing the limitation of subscribing to a title's path in a given channel).
  • Appending the channel's name to the end of a recording's name to avoid collisions when I occasionally record the same content from different channels. 
  • Reset/update recording status flags (those red, yellow, green dots)
  • To create wishlists for content to record when it becomes available.  Great for new shows that haven't aired yet, or old shows that you want to automatically record if they ever become available.
  • Apply a limit to the amount of content that can bee added to the queue (either # of titles or duration)
  • Etc.

As you can see, there are lots of things I'd like to try.  And of course, access to any API would only be for personal use (not commercial) to help automate my own process flow, that any changes to PlayOn could break those external processes, etc.


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    nnnn mm

    Yes, an API to Playon Would be fantastic.


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    Leonardo Polly Assumpção

    Yep. I'm probably buying this after a good API is released

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