Playon App Feature Request

Currently. when you view anything under "Local Media", only season and episode numbers show up as well as the name of that episode.  On my tablet, all of these files are in folders with the name of that show.  I have 5 different shows with about a season or half season of episodes in each.  It would be much easier to view these in the folders.  If there was a way to have a settings option that would allow me to change the way the files are viewed in the app wouuld be very much appreciated.  Also, an option to delete  local files would be great too.  Thanks.


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    David S.

    Yeah, PlayOn just uses folder and file names. It's rather minimal as a media server.

    What you were saying about folders is somewhat unclear to me, but I recommend using the Plex or Emby media servers for watching videos, including those recorded via PlayOn.

    This is related to another recent request: https://support.playon.tv/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000764727-Please-add-a-client-delete-button-

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    Sherri McGirr

    First pic is how the files look on my tablet.  The second is how it looks in mx player.  In mx player, the files are organized in the folders.  The reason I am using the playon app is because it skips through most of the commercials.  It's easier to watch in that regard.  I hope this helps you understand what I am asking for.


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