Proper Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile UWP app

Can we please get a real Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile UWP app? Not a web wrapper? As a result, you can barely read the text on the screens, especially on your laptop. Nor can you sync your content, there is no ad skip, etc. There currently is over 30,000,000 Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile users. Support them. The universal app covers PC's, laptops, tablets, Xbox, etc. All is need is a few modifications to the same app to adjust to the different screen sizes.

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    Dimitrios Kokkinis

    I completely agree.  I would be fine if you would even just update the existing windows apps.  My wife has and IPhone and we can adskip when casting from that, but not on my windows 10 phone or tablet.  An Xbox app would be great to, to play right on the console rather than cast to it from a phone.

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