Sort Subscriptions

I would like PlayOn to allow sorting of subscriptions by allowing us to click on the column header. Right now they are sorted by last updated date which makes sense as a default as that points out subscriptions that are probably stale but being able to change the sort by name or folder would give ways to quickly look for a specific subscription.


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    The Trickster

    Under the "Subscription Center" I have a great deal of subscriptions (79 in fact) and I find it difficult to locate the program I am looking for under there sometimes due to the number of entries.  My suggestion would to allow the user to sort the columns such as "Name" and "Show Folder" at a minimum (sorting by all columns would be fine too).  Currently the items appear on the page in the order they were added.  It would be a huge improvement if I could click at the top on "Name" and sort by the name and locate what I am looking for.  I feel this would be a rather minor modification for your developers but would have a huge benefit for your users.

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    Mike O'Sullivan

    I would upvote this a 100 times if I could.

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    Tyler Williams

    I will add my voice to this as well, rather than create a new topic.  Many services, Hulu especially, put each new season in a new folder.  The result is that we end up with multiple subscriptions for each show, with each season needing its own subscription.  It would be nice if I could sort by the show name so that I could easily find out which shows have multiple subscriptions and delete the out-of-date ones.  

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    Scott Olson

    I would upvote this 1,000 times if I could.

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