[FIX] Amazon unable to test login

Recently, I could not login to Amazon Video and couldn't understand why nor whyI kept getting verification emails from Amazon. Then I thought about why PlayOn was no longer able to login, and how PlayOn uses Edge/IE for logging into Network Channels like ESPN. So I signed into Amazon with Edge, received an email with a verification code, verified, and now my Amazon video is working again.

I cannot confirm if this works with 2FA on as I was never able to get it to work with PlayOn, but this method has fixed my login issues and may fix yours.

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    Martin Chambers

    I tried this and it did not work. 

    Additionally , I have found that stopping the service Playon server and the restarting Playon (which restarts the server service) solves most problems but not in this case.

    I have also found that the default Playon settings for Amazon Video is for Amazon.com, whereas as a UK user, my account is on Amazon.co.uk which can be changed in channel settings for Amazon Video which did not always work so I disabled and re-enabled and this seemed to work in most cases but not, unfortunately, for Error 112.


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