Retry failed recordings up to 3 times

 Suggest allowing a configuration value which automatically retries recording a show which failed up to say 3 times before giving up and posting a failure notification.  The failed recording would just go back to the recording queue.



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    This is a variation of something I was going to ask for - but is basically the same: rather than skip through the entire queue on "fail", try to record after a certain timeout (5 seconds? Longer?) then move to next in queue. If entire queue fails after three re-record attempts, user needs to re-set (like we do now, painfully)

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    Erick Larson

    Given that most (all) of the "painful" queue failures, as opposed to title failures, are likely the result of network connection failure (100% of my queue failure events are because network connection fails,) rather than hoping for retest x 3 and move to the next title, I hope that the software detecting a loss of connectivity would pause the queue.

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