Amazon Prime Video for Spain and other countries

Amazon Prime Video for Spain is different from the UK, USA and Germany versions. Please, could you add support?


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    Goran Savstrom

    Just noiced I can't use my spanish Prime video account with Playon...

    Googled and found this. 

    First question:

    Why is it that there's no reply/comment whatsoever on this post? All I can see from this kind of "silence" is that Playon don't want spanish customers

    - I'm gonna file for a refund - didn't see anything about not supported in Spain in the info about Playon, just that it works with Amazon Prime Video (one would have thought it would be specified if it can't be general).


    Will there be support for Amazon Prime Video in a not that distant future? Maybe a positive reply will put a hold on that refund request that I will file soon.


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    Goran Savstrom

    Still no word from PlayOn support team (and still no need for Spanish customers it seems)

    How difficult would it be to add support for Spain? Really?



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