PlayOn App and Online Password Requirement Mismatch

I signed up for PlayOn via iPhone App. I also started and finished my first recording via that App, and received the email with the link to the movie so to download to other devices. However, I can’t log into the PlayOn site because it says the password must be at least six characters long even though the iPhone App accepted five characters.

When I go to the PlayOn site, I don’t see how to reset my password. I did find that option at PlayOn Support. I can now login to PlayOn Support, but there isn’t any pass thought between the PlayOn sites and thus I still can’t login to PlayOn to get my movie.

I place a PlayOn Support ticket for this issue two days ago, but that ticket is still unanswered and in an ‘open’ status.

Can anyone please tell me know to reset my PlayOn password due to the mismatch with the App and Online password requirements so I can get my movie before it expires?

Thank you!

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    PlayOn support is slow to respond.


    Personally, I don't use the Cloud "DVR" service, so I couldn't help you with that.

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