Amazon list not showing all titles/episodes

When I go to Channels -> Amazon Video -> Video Library -> TV Shows, not all of my shows are showing up and there are a couple of ways the discrepancies are showing.

(In the Amazon options in Settings, my Select maximum items is set to 120 as 180 loads for a long time and then says "Library Empty," which I guess is another issue. 120 should be enough to cover my list, though, if it' should be counting individual series.)

I've purchased two episodes of The Simpsons from different seasons. Instead of showing "The Simpsons" and then showing the seasons after selecting that, I'm only getting "The Simpsons Season 23" in my main list. The other purchase was from Season 22 and shows up nowhere.

Then, there are some series completely missing. I've purchased all 7 seasons of The West Wing and they don't show up on my list at all. I don't think the fact that I have entire seasons or the entire series is a factor because I do have other shows that don't appear where I've only purchased a single episode.

To be clear, it is more than just these two series, but there doesn't appear to be a pattern.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I do have a lot of single episode pilots that I 'purchased' when they were free. I'm considering deleting some of them from my account hoping that it's an episode/series count bug, but I'd prefer for that to be the last resort.

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    Karl Erdmann

    Same here.

    Tried so far to enable/disable service, "test" log-in, restarting application, ensuring purchase has been watched via Prime Video. 


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