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Currently the search feature is pretty fuzzy and broad. I'd like to see an option to search for an exact phrase including spaces and punctuation and then only return hits that contain that exact phrase.


PBS no longer groups the programs in their Masterpiece series under the Masterpiece label. Instead, each series is listed separately, such as:

Grantchester - Masterpiece
Prime Suspect - Tennison - Masterpiece
My Mother and Other Strangers - Masterpiece

If I could search for the exact text: " - Masterpiece" including the spaces and hyphen, I could get a list of the episodes in the Masterpiece series without getting every other program on PBS that happened to contain the word 'masterpiece' somewhere in the title or description.

Then once the search is done, a subscription can be created to make sure all Masterpiece series episodes are recorded.

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    Steve Gayner

    This would be very helpful.


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