PlayOn client for Mac. PlayOn server for Mac

Apple mac laptop users would love to have PlayOn client. Mac desktop users will love to have PlayOn server on Mac. 


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    Larry Fortna

    I am using a Macbook PRO with Parallels Desktop Virtual Machine.  Works fine.  You will need to allocate all cores of your processor and at least half of its memory, 8GB in my case and 4 cores.  I am running Sierra OS and Parallels Desktop 12.  I would of course rather see a MAC PlayOn Server, but this is one way to use it on a MAC.

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    Trey Reedy

    I completely agree... in this day and age, there is no excuse to bias your applications to just one OS. I can understand there are certain limitations, but come on PlayOn... Us Mac users want this software as well!

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    Joe Chen

    I just did some experiments with a new installation of PlayOn Desktop running under Windows 10 in Parallels.  It seems like the minimum system requirement is that you need a quad-core machine.  I've tried to get PlayOn running on a dual-core machine as well as under Parallels set to use only 2 cores (on a quad-core machine).  In both cases, you can view content but PlayOn crash due to "unknown error" after a couple minutes of recording content.  So far, no issues on a quad-core Mac (even with just 4GB memory).  It's a shame because the vast majority of Mac users run just a dual-core machine.

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