PlayMark record Scheduling

The ability to schedule the Playmark recordings is a badly needed feature. For those of us that use "watch.spectrum/tv" browser app and other ISP Stream TV apps similar to it. A scheduled recording feature in PlayMark would dramatically increase how much we use PlayOn. Why? Because with out PlayOn there is currently no easy way, actually no way at all, to DVR live tv with in the "provider stream TV" browser app. Thank god for PlayOn. However, if I want to record a live TV program and its a channel that PlayOn has no plugin for. Then my choice is to try to record it manually, set a alarm or something to remind myself to start the program on time. It's a real drag for sure.

Ideally the feature would use the "Watch Later" and Favorite Shows" tabs in the provider app as to allow simple season recordings. Similar to the "Subscribe" feature that works great on the TV stream apps on demand library. A PlayMark scheduled recordings feature would fill in the gap that subscriber TV stream only packages are missing. The ability to schedule and record entire seasons on any channel in the "watch.Spectrum/tv" browser app. This feature would allow leveraging the providers grid-guide DVR functionality currently not offered with mostly ISP TV Stream only packages. Add to that, PlayOn's powerful features plus PlayMark's current awesome ability to record with out commercials, not just tag and skip but actually record with out the commercials. That is a game changer the ISP's can't offer...ever. More importantly, adding PlayMark record scheduling would turn on a lot more folks to this highly underrated and super cool program PlayOn.


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    Toni Warden

    I completely agree. I'm considering getting the new Spectrum streaming TV service, but I refuse to watch commercials, so that service is useless without the ability to record. I checked with Spectrum & they said subscribing to their streaming t.v. service does not subscribe me to the channels included in the package. So I still can't use most of the on-demand content that I have to sign in to view/record on PlayOn, which literally would have been good enough. Great suggestion!

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    Is PlayMark even a feature / service any more? I had been told it was no longer supported / available.

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