Bought PlayOn Cloud Credits but Never Received Them

I wanted to try PlayOn Cloud and bought 100 credits and PlayOn even charged me for them but never gave me the credits.  So far I have emailed support about 10 times and they refuse to respond.  I have always liked the desktop software before and I've had good luck with support in the past but this time around it is unacceptable.  

When I emailed them all I said I wanted was my money back or the credits whichever was easier because I still wanted to try their new system.  I guess this was too much for them to handle because it has now been also 2 weeks and not a single response from them.  At this point I just hope someone that works for PlayOn reads these forums because it's they say they respond within 48 hours and that is a bold face lie.

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    Nicholas Clark

    I just wanted to post an update.  It took almost two weeks but they finally got back with me and let me know what was going on.  Apparently, they never received the funds from PayPal and that is what the problem was.  However, they did make the situation right and honored my credits and I assume they are now working with PayPal to resolve the issue. 

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