Video playback chopping

I've got all my media shared from iTunes and use Apple TV 4th gens on my main two TVs.

Every recording I've done through PlayOn that I've tried to watch through my iTunes server on my Apple TVs are very choppy. I've tried changing Video Performance settings to no avail. Everything is still chopping. I've also tried recording from different systems. Still the same luck.

Last night I tried watching a recently recorded video on my iPhone through the PlayOn app, and same thing- choppy.


Has anyone else had similar issues? Has anyone found a way to get past this?




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    Sort of the same issue.

    Play back of videos on the PC server running Playon, coming through the Network lag and are slow.  My internet is 150Mbs.  How do we speed up our network ?  Or, what can speed up the video playback? 

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    Tom Whiting

    100% the same issue here

    Amazon, Netflix, same thing. The first few seconds are choppy and then it straightens out (eventually). Seems to be a random thing.

    Opened ticket, only to have it closed immediately with no response.

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