Features to enhance user interface

I submitted the following to Support hoping for some feedback about shortcuts I may have missed. Cannot find a detailed User Guide that provides help speeding up the process of recording things.

Anyway - was told to submit these to the features forum so here they are. Seeing little PlayOn feedback in the forum I don't know anything will come of the feature suggestions...


I have used PlayOn desktop for PC for only about 3 weeks. Perhaps I have simply not been able to locate a few ways that could streamline my usage of PlayOn.
1 - I use only Amazon Video.
Every time I launch PO I have to click Channels and then click Amazon Video.
Q: Is there some way to add Amazon Video as a shortcut - perhaps to the tabs that have “Featured” “Channels” etc???
I desire to be able to CUSTOMIZE these - I don’t use Featured or Device or others so want to REMOVE these.
2 - similar I only use my “Prime Watchlist” - I want to be able to ad that to the tab bar so I can go directly to that
3 - is there a FAST way to add items from my Prime Watchlist to the Record Queue????
Right now I have to click a specific title, wait for the new window showing that title. 
Then, eight click that item then either mouse over the right side for the invisible PLAY, CAST or RECORD buttons to show up (WHY are these INVISIBLE anyway???)  
or - I click the title itself and then the same buttons show up as real buttons.
then  I have to click BACK to return to my Prime Watchlist and go through the entire process again
Why not make is so in my Prime Watchlist these same PLAY, CAST and RECORD buttons show up???
Perhaps RIGHT CLICK on a title and have the contextual menu show RECORD, etc.
Even better - give me CHECK BOXES beside the titles so I can click several and then click a RECORD button.
I like the PO ability to be able to record my Prime Videos. I do wish to see your app improved in speed of usability.


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