Unable to access Amazon on Playon

I have been having trouble with Playon since I paid for it.

I accessed Amazon once today but now all I get is a message that my e-mail and password are OK but further verification is required..Error 10

I have tried the methods advised in similar posts but nothing works.

I have sent an email to customer support but this is very frustrating.

Having paid for a product I expect it to work. 

Comments please


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    I can't get the playon app to login to my amazon.co.uk account. It keeps saying to go login and clear some extra security questions. When I login to amazon there are no extra security questions. Then I go back to the app and the block is still there. There must be a location on the app that's storing this incorrect info. How can I clear it?

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    Anthony Brooks


    Playon is very hit and miss. I have tried every suggestion and this is what I have to do. It works maybe once out of every three or four tries.

    When you get the message about extra security questions, click the bottom left settings button on the main page. Then you can stop and restart the Playon server access. Re start your computer and try again. Once you are able to start a download, pause the queue after 1 minute and wait a further minute. This gives the buffer a chance to build up with the streaming.

    I believe that the server is where the problem lays and that it needs looking at. It is so frustrating only being able to record a few films a day instead of queuing them for a batch record.

    Good luck.

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