Can't record off of Directv Now tonight

 All my Directv Now recordings are failing tonight. Although the password is correct, and verified as such by PlayOn, the recorder is picking up nothing on any of the channels. Viewing directly through my Fire Stick is unaffected.

I am wondering if this is just a one night glitch or if Directv Now is actually changing software to thwart this device?  We just recovered from a two month period of recording problems with DTV Now.


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    Alex C

    If you try to play the video (instead of record) from PlayOn do you just get a gray screen?  If so I am having the same issue and was able to find that it was occurring in Chrome browser as well.  I cleared cache and cookies in Chrome and it resolved the issue in Chrome, but did not resolve it in PlayOn.  I am trying to find a way to clear the cookies and cache for the PlayOn side of things.

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    bruce clark

    I have also found Directv Now requires the clock on your PC to be within 30 seconds of the actual time.  Try https://time.gov/ to set the current time as close as possible.

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